October spent making little girls pee.

Hello there fellow humans. How has life been? I have been at the Karnik resort for a week and I think this is the best break I have gotten post my July trip. I needed this. I needed Mother. Last two months of 2019 and I am going to do everything in my power to … Continue reading October spent making little girls pee.

Midge playing bridge whilst eating Chinese (food)….

A pile of clothes freshly ironed and kept on my bed. Now the tedious task of putting it all into the cupboard. I hate doing that. I hate sorting clothes. I am lucky that in Mumbai we have a privilege of getting clothes ironed for us. So many people do their own laundry, ironing, everything. … Continue reading Midge playing bridge whilst eating Chinese (food)….

Frozen shrimps munching on flowers….

Hi! It's a nice Wednesday morning. Mixed with some stomach ache and a hint of nausea. My AC has been acting funny since a while. K and I sleep on a decent 24 degree temperature every night. That is a compromise between us. I just cannot stand sleeping in an AC room. I need it … Continue reading Frozen shrimps munching on flowers….

Still waters and a tiger…

Stuffed my face with three vada pavs, 2 dunker cookies and 1 lotus biscoff post a 45 minute walk. No point burning 178 calories because I must have consumed a gazillion more. I am so freaking bored. Bored as hell. I really need a life altering change in my life. My life has been literally … Continue reading Still waters and a tiger…

From Sydney to Sardi…..

If anyone told me that I would be folding samosas at the age of thirty, on a not so sunny day, I would have fallen on the floor and laughed deliriously. And now my main thought for today is making sure I take the right proportion of coriander, garlic and chillies to make a decent … Continue reading From Sydney to Sardi…..

Tea, Paris and some finger nails to go….

You know what I want right now? I want to be in Paris. I want to have a coconut strawberry chocolate (my favourite combo) crepe there, sitting on the staircase with a thermos of my home made ginger tea. The background is the beautiful twinkling Eiffel. K once asked me that why do I like … Continue reading Tea, Paris and some finger nails to go….

Theplas, pastas and testicles…

Methi thepla on my plate, a very mediocre cup of tea and a random news article stating that a woman bit into a camel's testicles. Self defence of course. The camel had pinned the woman down at a petting zoo, her desperate need to free herself made her bite into the most vulnerable part of … Continue reading Theplas, pastas and testicles…